Marin Couples Therapy

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Mical Falk, Ph.D.
, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


With 30 years in the field of psychology, my goal is to support you in living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Our greatest marvel is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.


It is easier to face the world with support. Whether you feel distress or hopeless about your relationship with your partner, overwhelmed by the relentless demands of life, face personal challenges, feel stuck or are unable to make the changes you desire, I will work with you collaboratively and interactively. I will help you gain the emotional freedom and flexibility that will bring balance and peace into your daily life.

With compassion, encouragement and warmth, I will provide you a safe, supportive environment in which you would feel at ease exploring your experience and understanding yourself. My sensitivity, attentive listening, and deep-seated acceptance, will enable you to connect with yourself and your inner wisdom.

My approach to psychotherapy is integrative. I'm informed and inspired by Psychodynamic, Experiential, and Attachment theories. Mindfulness, common sense, and life experience also guide my work. I am moved by the process in which my clients teach me about their inner world and relationships, and ultimately, fit the therapy to the person, and not the other way around.

I work with couples and individuals on a wide range of issues including:

Couples Therapy

*Lack of emotional and physical intimacy

*Loss of the love and joy that brought you together

*Fighting and bickering

*Emotional Distancing

*Extra-marital affairs

*Difficulty resolving conflicts

*Parenting challenges

*Pre-marital counseling

*Divorce and co-parenting issues

Individual Therapy

*Relationship issues

*Low self-esteem

*Life transitions (marriage, new baby, divorce ...)



*Bi-Polar Disorder



*Parenting challenges

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