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Parenting 411 - Babies, toddlers & pre-schoolers

The consultation is a time for you (alone or with your partner) to feel supported and understood while discussing everyday parenting questions or concerns.

You will receive highly effective solutions that work, and learn preventative strategies that will save both you and your child unnecessary struggles and frustration. This is also an opportunity for you to discuss questions or concerns having to do with yourself: feelings such as guilt, frustration, exhaustion, or others related to your experience as a parent.

Temperament Assessment

Assessing children 5 months - 5 years old

Temperament is a set of nine in-born traits that shape children's approach to the world and continue to influence development throughout life.Temperament assessment is an insightful and a very useful tool in addressing a wide rang of behavioral issues: Sleeping, eating, tantrums, aggressive behavior, separation from parent, discipline, and more.

When parents understand their child's temperament, they avoid blaming themselves for behaviors that are normal for their child, gain new perspective on their child's behavior, establish realistic expectations of him/her, and are able to use effective interventions that are specific to their child's unique temperament.

Temperament Assessment is a short process, accomplished in one session with the child's primary care-giver(s), using a questioner and a short interview. Following the first session, you will learn about your child's temperament and how it shapes his/her behavior and/or development. You will then receive strategies to make desired changes, and learn how to accommodate your child in ways that will save you and him/her unnecessary struggles and frustration.

*Research shows that parents' effective parenting and satisfaction with their children increased as they learned about their child's temperament.

Lectures and Workshops

If your pre-school, organization, work-place, or group of friends are interested in hosting a workshop or a lecture please call or email Dr. Falk about a month in advance.

Choose from the following topics:

* Mothers & Sons
* Guilt-Free Motherhood
* Child Temperament

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